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Abyssinian Cat Breed Photo Jewelry Brooch Pin

fawn abyssinian kilt pin
Abyssinian Brooch Kilt Pin - Cat Jewelry
fawn ruddy sorrel
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Designer's Tip: This pin can be worn horizontally as shown or for a unique dangly look, vertically. I don't recommend you attach this to a delicate woven fabric such as silk or velvet as the pin sticker could leave a hole. I don't suggest this item for really young girls and I doubt it to be suitable for any boys or men.

03 Aby Cat Crystal and Gemstone Kilt Pin

A petite Abyssinian cat photo on a snow quartz gemstones dangles between two Tigerskin Jasper hearts on this kilt pin. The photo is repeated on the reverse side. Use photo selection buttons to see your choices of a Fawn colored Aby, Ruddy Aby or Sorrel on puffed teardrop shaped bead.

If you're not familiar with a kilt pin it was originally designed to pin a kilt (or wrap skirt) shut. Now this pin has risen to a whole new level with dangling crystals and stones and can be worn across the collar, shawl, cape, shirt pocket, hat band, purse strap . . . let your imagination set the limits.

The Snow Quartz gemstone is hand-cut and best described as looking like frozen ice with swirls ranging from opaque to translucent. The tigerskin jasper heart gemstones are very unusual. Some look almost like wood. Like all gemstones no two are ever exactly the same and the image (on left) shows the wide range in appearance they can have. If you like exact matches and symmetry this pin may not be for you. Amber and jet Czech crystals are above the hearts and below the center stone is a brown cat's eye bead with crystals and chocolate pearls. Beads accent the cat's fur colors.

The gem stones are approximately 18mm (3/4") across. Photo will be aprx. 5/8" around. The pin is gold plated steel with 3 loops and is 3 1/4 inches wide, the longest dangle being about 2 inches.

Is this a gift? Select coordinating Abyssinian cat earrings and add a pre-wrapped foil gift box with ribbon and velveteen lining.

Boutique Price $29.00

Aby Kilt Pin - Price: $20.99 - Qty:


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Facts about Aby Cats

• The Abyssinian cat fares best if living with an active family. Very active, inquisitive and wants to join you in whatever activity in which you are engaged.

• Aby's are actually considered ticked tabby cats but breeders have worked hard to eliminate the typical tabby markings such as necklaces and leg bands.

• For the most part the Abyssinian cat is a healthy hardy breed of cat.

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