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Bear lovers gift - Koala Earrings

Koala Heart Earrings
Please share with your SOCIAL friends. They may be looking for Koala earrings.
Designer's tip: If buying for a very young girl I would suggest the round snow quartz shape as it is smaller. A set of these earrings could be converted into two heart necklaces for two girls using your own chains or order them here.
For ears sensitive to metals always order the surgical steel fishhooks. designer@tigercatjewelrystore.com

02 Koala Heart Charm Earrings

Technically speaking the Koala isn't a bear but he IS beary, beary cute! (Excuse the corny pun.) This cute close-up image of a Koala's face is digitized onto the heart shaped snow quartz gemstones, and is flipped to make right and left.

These puffed Snow quartz heart gemstones are all hand cut and no two are exactly the same. They may have swirls, specks and crackles within the stone.

You can use the menu buttons below to customize the Koala Earrings to your taste, which are made just for you when you order never stored on a shelf. Use color selection buttons to see the choices.

The gemstone is 20mm across (about 3/4 inch). Available in gold or silver trim with three attachment styles:earring backs leverback for pierced, leverback for clip or fishhook. Fishhooks are from surgical steel. These coordinate beautifully with the Koala brooch or pendants below. You may also choose to have you own favorite photo put on custom heart earrings.

Is this a gift? Add a pre-wrapped gift box with ribbon and velveteen lining to make it special.

Boutique Price $22.00

Panda Heart Earrings: $16.99 Qty:



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Koala Facts

The koala resembles a bear, but is actually a marsupial, a special kind of mammal which carries its young in a pouch. Koala's fur is thick soft and pleasant to touch. Ears have long white hairs on the tips. Koalas weigh about 30 pounds and on average grow to be 2 feet tall.

Like a Kangaroo , the Koala produces a baby called a "joey", which is blind, hairless, less than one inch long and weighs less than 1 gram. It crawls into its mothers pouch and attaches itself to one of the two teats and stays there drinking milk for the next six months.

Koalas can live as long as 17 years in an undisturbed habitat.

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