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Bear Photo Jewelry -- Polar Bear Pin /Brooch

polar bear on ice photo jewelry
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Designer's tip: Here is a unique twist to the way you can wear this brooch. Attach it to a navy blue or white rubber rope and wear it as a pendant using the brooch converter. The small brooch has Pin back attached going up and down so you will need the VERTICAL converter and the large brooch has a pin back going across so you will need the HORIZONTAL converter. This is made just for you so use your ruler to review size before you buy.

04 Kissing Polar Bears Brooch Pin

Polar Bear sweethearts touch noses in one of those rare moments of nature, captured as a photo. The polar bear picture is digitized onto a domed white mountain Jade cabochon. When tilted in the light you may sometimes see tiny sparkles twinkle through the photo.

The cabochon is encircled with a silver plated, cast brass, ornate frame. Below in Arctic inspired colors dangle Angelite gemstones along with fire polished Czech crystals and Bali bead accents. Featured in the center is a Mother Of Pearl heart bead. Two sizes are available.

  • Large - measures aprx.1 1/2 inches long and 1 1/2 inches across. Horizontally placed stainless pin back makes attachment easy.
  • Small - Measures aprx. 2 1/4 inches long X 1 1/4inch wide. A stainless 3/4 inch pin back is placed vertically making attachment easy.

Is this a gift? Add a set of earrings and gift box with ribbon and velveteen lining.

Boutique Price $38.00

PolarBear Oval $29.99 - Qty:


Add Gift Box:

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Polar Bear Facts

Humans are the polar bear's only predator. Man is moving in all across the Arctic, to mine oil and coal and there is less space for the polar bear to live. Oil spills can be very dangerous. A bear with oil on its coat cannot regulate its body temperature properly. If the bear eats the oil while grooming it could die.

This man made pollution is also another cause of death.The seal is the Polar bear's main food, but the seals also become poisoned by man as pollutants get more concentrated. At the end of the food chain when the polar bear eats the seal it could be lethal.

Baby polar bears often starve. In fact, 70 percent do not live to their third birthday. Sometimes food (predominately seals) are hard to find, especially in the summer when the ice has melted. The weak and helpless die.

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