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Bear Photo Jewelry - Polar Bear Necklace / Pendant

Polar Bear Sleepimg Ornate Pendant
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Designer's Tip: If ordering for a girl under 16 the small pendant is your best choice as the medium and large may be too heavy and grown up looking. Do not order for a boy or man. Would you like this photo on a different pendant? Email me and I'll try to accommodate you. designer@tigercatjewelrystore.com

03 Polar Bear Sleeping Ornate Pendant

A polar bear in repose, with a snowy nose, on an icy landscape, stares straight into your eyes from one of those rare moments in nature captured as a photo.

This polar bear picture on this photo pendant has been digitized onto a white mountain jade cabochon that shines up through the translucent image much like snow in the sun. The option menus below allow you to custom tailor this pendant when you order to your personal taste. You choose the color, the size and the chain. You may even have some personal text inscribed on the pendant back just by using the text box below. If you are undecided about size a ruler can be helpful.

Pendant cabochon is set into a frame that is intricately ornate, shiny gold or silver plating on cast brass. This is not a lightweight pendant. Shown on left in gold. Use color button to see silver. Choose two colors and three sizes.

Large (on left) stone is 30mm X 40mm and frame measures 1 1/2" by 2" high. This pendant is very large and allows space for a full body picture. You choose a cable chain in of either 18" or 24" length with lobster claw fastener. I recommend older girls and petite women order the medium or small.

Medium (middle) stone is 22mm X 30mm and frame measures 1 1/4" wide by 1 1/2"high. This size comes with a thinner cable chain of either 18"or 24" length with lobster claw fastener. Great for ladies who like smaller jewelry or older girls. Neither size recommended for young girls or men.

Small (on right) stone is 25mm X 18mm and frame measures 1" wide by 1 1/4"high. Also comes with a thinner cable chain of either 18"or 24" length with lobster claw fastener. Great for young girls and ladies who like smaller jewelry. Not recommended for boys or men.

Included are bail and necklace chain. Select cable chain size 18" or 24" with lobster claw fastener. Metals in frame and chain are heavy plated gold or silver over brass and steel.

Is this a gift? Pair up with snow quartz or heart Polar Bear earrings (images below) to make a set. Make it special by adding a pre-wrapped foil gift box with ribbon and velveteen inset.

Click here to find out how to customize this pendant with your own favorite picture.

Boutique Price $35.00

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Sleeping Polar Bear

Polar Bear Facts

• Seals are the dominate food of the Polar Bear. The most important time for a polar bear to eat is during the months of April through July when seals are abundant. This is the time of the year when they replenish their body fat and prepare for the times when they must survive off stored body fat. Meals could be days or even months apart. A polar bear has to maintain body temperature in a cold climate, and be able to store enough energy to last between meals.

• Polar bears can consume up to 150 lbs. of food at one sitting due to the fact that their stomachs are very large. As a result of this, they can go weeks without eating.

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