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Unique Wolf jewelry & gifts - Wolf/earrings

Silver Wolf Quartz Heart Earrings - Photo Animal Jewelry
Golf Wolf Quartz Heart Earrings - Photo Animal Jewelry
Share with FACEBOOK friends who feel the wolf spirit.
Designer's tips: These may be a little large for a girl under 12 years old . A set of these earrings could be converted into two wolf heart necklaces for two girls. Use your own chains or order them here.
For ears sensitive to metals always order the surgical steel fishhooks.

01 Wolves Gemstone Heart Earrings

These gemstone heart photo earrings offer you the choice of picking your favorite wolf: the gray wolf, white wolf or red wolf. The wolves appear as part of the stone. You choose the metal color, the pictures and the type of Earwires you want. Use the color selection buttons to see samples.

Heart charms (20 X 20mm or 3/4") are hand-cut Snow Quartz gemstones and like all gem stones no two are ever exactly the same. A tiny vein or fleck in the quartz is natural.

Choose the set as pictured (1 of each) or select 2 portrait (pictured on left), or 2 howling/profile. One image is reversed to make a right and left. Photos are on both sides of the stones.

You choose silver plated or gold plated accents. Silver and gold are available as surgical steel fishhook, plated leverback pierced, or plated leverback clip-on.earring backs

Wolf heart earring jewelry is designed to complement wolf pendants, brooches and dog tags.

Is this a gift? Add a pre-wrapped foil gift box with ribbon and velveteen lining.

Boutique Price $21.00

Wolf Heart Earrings Price: $16.99 Qty:

Photo: Set:

Metal Color:


Add Gift Box:

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Facts about Gray Timber wolves

• Gray wolves are also known as timber wolves and are larger than red wolves or white wolves.
• Wolves live in packs containing less than eight members who are usually related to each other.
• The wolf uses facial expressions to show aggression, dominance, submission or fear.
• A wolf's tail hangs while the tail of the dog tends to be held high and is often curly.
• He has 42 teeth and extremely powerful jaws capable of generating 1,500 psi pressure.


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