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Unique Wolf jewelry & gifts - Wolf/earrings  
Wolf Gemstone Stud Earrings
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Designer tips: These studs are a great choice for ladies who like smaller jewelry or for young girls. (Not appropriate for guys.) These have a solid white background and the photos appear brighter than the snow quartz dangles. For pierced ears sensitive to metals the posts are surgical steel.

03 Wolf Gemstone Stud Earrings

Your choice of the gray wolf, white wolf or red wolf photos become a part of the snow white mountain jade cabochon on these photo jewelry wolf stud earrings. The photo is flipped to make right and left earrings. Your options include the full face picture, the howling or profile picture or maybe you would like both as a set. (Photo are flipped to make a right and left.)

This earring set is made to order just for you never stocked on a shelf.

The mountian jade cabochons have just a touch of sparkle to them in certain light. The stone is domed, 13mm x 20mm ( 1/2" X 3/4") and the photo will be aprx. 1/2" around. The posts and nuts used are surgical steel or a larger comfort clip backing for non-pierced ears.earring backs

Boutique Price $27.00

Wolf Stud Earrings Price: $21.99 Qty:

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Facts about Gray Timber wolves

• Man is the wolf's worst enemy and most subspecies of wolves are in danger of extinction. The Arctic wolf has escaped the plight of man by living in places so cold and miserable most creatures would not want to live there.
• A female Arctic wolf if ready to mate and have puppies at two years of age.
• When the ground is too frozen for her to dig a den, she will be forced to return to an old den in a cave or rock cleft.
•The cubs are born deaf, blind, and helpless. They are totally dependent on their mother, and she relies on her mate to bring her food. After a month, the cubs are able to eat meat. From then on, the whole pack shares the job of feeding them with regurgitated meat from a kill.
• When the pack goes out to hunt a young adult wolf is left to baby sit the puppies.

For more information on White Arctic wolves or to support the non-profit sanctuary go to: http://www.whitewolfsanctuary.com

Fun photo gallery of David Mech from his stay with a den of white wolves. http://www.davemech.com

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