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scrimshaw wolf pendant
Let's get "SOCIAL"
Designer Tips: Quartz is a very hard stone and the veins and fault lines in the stone should not be confused with cracks. Each stone is inspected before it is selected . These stones are big. Please make sure you like big stones before ordering since these will be made just for you, to your specifications, at time of order. Some men will wear a stone this size and some men won't. If ordering for a guy make sure he will wear big stones.

07 Howling Wolf Quartz Faux Scrimshaw Pendant

These snow quartz howling wolf pendants are like scrimshaw on big chunks of smooth, glassy ice. The semi-transparent background for the howling wolf sketch gives a somewhat leaded glass like effect when you hold it up to the light. You can see the swirls, fault lines and veins in the gemstone and it feels so silky smooth and cool against the skin. Image is on one side and protected with multi layer finish. The bail is a Bali tube bead. Your choice of oval (shown at left) or rectangular with ball bar chain or rubber rope.

These pendants are 'made to order' just for you so get your ruler out and make sure you like a stone this size before you order.
These are 1 1/4" wide (30mm), 1 1/2" high (40mm) and 1/4" (5mm) thick.

The ball bar chain is nickel (24" or 30" length) with lobster claw fastener, the rope, synthetic rubber cord (18" or 20" length), with silver plated tips and lobster claw fastener. If you choose the rope and don't specify a color it will be black. You pick the lengths.

Is this a gift? Add a foil-wrapped gift box with ribbon and velveteen lining. Make it a set for the ladies with the matching quartz gemstone earrings below.

Boutique Price $35.00

Wolf Sketch Pendant $25.99 - Qty:


Rope order only (alternate colors):

Add Gift Box:

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Facts about the Gray Wolves

•Adult gray wolves have 42 teeth, compared to 32 teeth for adult humans.

• The paws of a 60-pound wolf are the same paw size as some 100-pound domestic dogs.

•The wolf has powerful jaws to bite its prey and a very good sense of sight, smell and hearing.

• Wolves feed mainly on large mammals, including moose, caribou, elk, musk ox, bison and deer. They pick on a sick or weak animal that cannot keep up with the others. This may sound cruel but it's nature's way of building a strong ecosystem.

• Wolves hunt in packs. They can not run as fast as a moose or deer. The wolves circle their prey and then attack.



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