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Bear Photo Jewelry and Gifts
- for those who love Pandas, Koalas and Polar Bears -

panda bear, polar bear and koala
Bears have been special icons to us for centuries. The Teddy Bear originates from a cartoon in 1902 of Theodore Roosevelt refusing to kill a bear. In modern times bears have been icons for everything from soda pop to software. Tiger Cat Jewelry honors the bear by offering a selection of the world's most unique bear jewelry. Bear pictures (photos) are on each necklace pendant, brooch pin, dog tags and earrings. Upon request pictures on pendants can be swapped to a different pendant send a request. It is highly recommended that you click on the image or link for details or more choices before you order. These are not taken from a warehouse shelf! They are made just for you when you order, to your exact specifications and are considered custom items.
panda bear photo jewelry

The Panda Bear

Who doesn't love the rolly pollee panda? I've found this bear is a big favorite with my youngest animal lovers. Maybe wearing Panda jewelry is the next step up from carrying a teddy bear. So I have included styles that are age appropriate for this group of bear lovers.


Baby Lin Ping Plays With Mother Lin Hui

Polar Bears Play With Husky Dogs
The Polar Bear

Polar Bear Fans tend to be both male and female and I've tried to design styles that appeal to both. Some people have a sports team with a polar bear theme, other's are concerned about the longevity of their existence in a world where their environment is shrinking. Whatever your attraction may be you will find a piece of photo jewelry or photo gift which is right for you.
polar bear photo jewelry
koala bear photo jewelry

The Koala

Many people call him a bear but in fact he is a marsupial from the land down under. I have an entire line of photo jewelry and gifts for anyone who loves this gentle little sweetie no matter what you call him.

I'd like to invite you to view this sweet video I found. I also located more information on this Koala. Her name was Sam and she was rescued in 2009 by Dave Tree the fireman and put in a rehab center for her burned feet. Bush fires are endangering the lives of the gentle koala. Visit Sam's site if you'd like to donate.


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