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Photo Jewelry Bird lover gifts - Bird Earrings
Northern Owl Heart Earrings
Designer's tip: Hearts and Ovals have more of a stained glass than is shown above. For a more solid background order the Mountain Jade stud earrings. If buying for a young girl I would suggest at lest 10 years of age. For ears sensitive to metals always order the surgical steel fishhooks. I'm happy to answer any questions at designer@tigercatjewelrystore.com

07 Northern Owl Gemstone Earrings

Here is something special for all you owl collectible fans. A photo of the Northern Owl is flipped to make right and left earrings. The bird image is transferred onto your choice of gemstones and stone shapes. The heart and oval are snow quartz gemstone beads. Due to the opacity of the stone an almost stained glass effect occurs. The stud is snow white mountain jade with more of an opaque affect.

Never pulled from a shelf these owl earrings are made to your specifications after you order. You play designer by choosing the stone, metal color and the type of Earwires you want.

• The heart shaped quartz are (20 X 20mm or 3/4") hand-cut Snow Quartz gemstones and like all gem stones no two are ever exactly the same. A tiny vein or fleck in the quartz is natural.

• The oval quartz gemstones are approximately 20mm across (about the size of a dime). Photo will be aprx. 5/8" around.

• The stud mountain jade stone is 13mm x 20mm and is a domed cabochon. Photo will be aprx. 1/2" around. The back is a stainless steel post or comfort clip.

Hearts and ovals are available in three attachment styles and two colors:earring backs surgical steel Fishhooks (silver or gold coil), leverback for pierced or leverback for clip.

Metals are gold or silver plated steel or surgical steel fishhooks. Mix with coordinating Owl pendants to make a lovely gift set. Add a pre-wrapped foil gift box with ribbon and velveteen lining to make it special.

Pierced Metal:

Fastener choice:

Add Gift box: When you are done ------------------>
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Facts about Owls

• Although some owl species are diurnal (active by day), most owls hunt at night and are seldom observed by humans. Because of this nocturnal existence, they are little known and often misunderstood, even though some owls live their entire lives in close proximity to people.

• Hunting at night, owls use their extraordinary vision and excellent hearing to locate their prey.

• Special adaptations such as wide wings, lightweight bodies and unusually soft, fluffy feathers allow them to fly silently.

• Owls seize their prey, usually a rodent or other small mammal, and kill it with their powerful feet. If the prey is small enough, it is swallowed whole; otherwise the food is torn apart by the owl's strong, hooked beak.

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