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Company Policy of the - Tiger Cat Jewelry Store -

Guarantees, refunds, repairs and replacements

Made to Order and Custom Jewelry
Your satisfaction is my goal. I want your piece to become a treasure and keepsake to you. Each piece I design is made as though it is my only piece. The piece you order is not pulled from a shelf. It is made for YOU when YOU ORDER IT according to YOUR choices from my list of options. Most pieces found in the Tiger Cat Jewelry Store are considered "made to order" or "custom". The process time for the pieces differ. Your piece can usually be expected to be shipped within 5-7 days of the order.

Tiger Cat Jewelry is guaranteed to be free of defects. If your jewelry piece is damaged when it arrives or becomes defective within 30 days after we shipped, please give a detailed description of the problem and request a return authorization by emailing info@tigercatjewelrystore.com and it will be repaired or replaced. If a non-custom item such as a chain, brooch converter or accessory part is unsatisfactory please notify me within 3 days after receiving it with your reason why it was unsatisfactory for a return authorization and refund (custom and made to order items excluded - see below).

Refunds DO NOT include Shipping and Handling fees (original or return) and will not be paid until item has been returned, in good condition, at buyers expense. Buyer is encouraged to purchase some type of insurance or delivery confirmation on any item being returned. Proof of return is on buyer.

Our made to order photo jewelry is guaranteed to be defective free. Pictures and detailed descriptions are given, with (most) measurements in both inches and millimeters. Most items allow you the buyer to choose customization of the piece from drop down option menus. The item is made for YOU after you order, according to the specifications YOU chose at time of purchase. This makes your item a made to order special custom piece and by purchasing it you have agreed to the size, style and color you selected. The email shipping notification you receive will remind you if your piece is made to order or custom. Because of the custom nature of this jewelry, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We cannot accept returns, exchanges or issue refunds. We cannot assume responsibility for mistakes made by you when ordering, or for changes of heart or minds. The bottom of all pages of this web site have the refund policy in red italics in addition to the shopping cart and follow up letter. Any replacements or remakes due to ordering mistakes or a change of heart will be processed as a new order at your expense. If you are unsure of anything when placing your order, please ask first.

Pet Memorials and Tributes
Your own photo will be used to generate a computer mock up proof of the finished design, showing the setting in the color and size you selected, and will be emailed to you for your approval, prior to the piece being made. Once you have agreed that the proof is acceptable the item will be created and shipped. Due to the one of a kind nature of a personalize item it cannot be returned for replacement for any reason other than a defect in workmanship or breakage in shipping. If either of these take place within 30 days after shipment, please request return authorization by emailing info@tigercatjewelrystore.com to return the item for repairs.



When you have completed your shopping at the bottom of the shopping cart page you will see payment choices. Google check out (which is shutting down soon) or the Pay Pal and credit card button. The Tiger Cat Jewelry Store has chosen to use these payment formats due to the security they offer. Pay Pal is an eBay company. When you click the Add to Cart Button you are transferred to a secure web page. The way to tell if you are on a secure page is to look at the bottom right hand corner of your web browser's window. If you see a closed pad lock you are on a secure page. Also check the address bar at the browser window's top. If the url starts with https:// then the page is secure. If it is http:// (which most pages are) it is not a secure page.

Shipping Methods - US residents can chose USPS Priority mail (2-3 days) or First Class mail. If you select 1st class a fee for delivery confirmation has been added for tracking purposes. This is included with Priority mail. Delivery confirmation cannot be traced in countries outside the US.

PayPal, the most popular form of payment on the internet, allows you to join their program, but it also allows you to use your credit cards and check cards without signing up and converts currency to US dollars as I am located in the US. It also protects you from fraudulent merchants.

Google payment service is being shut down in 2013. If you signed up with them once, provided your credit card information, from that time on you never need to give your credit card information when you are using them for payment. This method is suppose to make buying online more secure. In addition to that you can buy from more than one web store on each transaction as long as they accept the Google payment system. Please note if you use Google to pay for custom items from the Tiger Cat Jewelry Store you must contact us at designer@tigercatjewelerystore.com to send the photo and comments. Google does NOT send Tiger Cat Jewelry Store your email address and it will NOT direct you to our custom order form after you have purchased. By the time you read this the service may no longer be active.

By using PayPal and Google I am able to accept payments in currency of:
* Canadian Dollar
* Euro
* Pound Sterling
* U.S. Dollar
* Yen
* Australian Dollar

Official PayPal Sealgoogle check out

Photographs, Artwork and Copyright Laws

Any photos sent to Tiger Cat Jewelry Store must be owned by sender. No artwork or photos belonging to anyone other than sender can be reproduced. Submissions can not infringe the copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, right of privacy, right of publicity or other legal right of any third party or their intellectual property rights.

NOTE: If the picture you send is under 200 dpi resolution or has been greatly altered from it's original form - good results cannot be guaranteed. Be aware not all photos that look good on a computer screen look good in print.


We love good clean fun but reserve the right to reject any photos or phrases that we consider to be adult content. If your submission is considered to be within the adult content range you will be asked for new submission or refunded your money.

User information is used for internal purposes only, is not shared or sold. Customer will not receive E-mail from the company after the transaction is complete unless customer has signed up for specials and sales notices.

Thank you for shopping at the Tiger Cat Jewelry Store. I am always open to your suggestions and comments. Email me at helen @tigercatjewelrystore.com

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Most items on this site are made for you when you order. There are NO REFUNDS on "made to order" items. Read Company Policy for more information.
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