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Dolphin Jewelry - Pendant /Necklace

Baby Panda Bear Gemstone Heart Necklace
Let your SOCIAL friends know about this unusual Dolphin Necklace!

Designer's Tip: I don't think this pendant would be suitable for guys. If ordering this on rope my favorite pick is the turquoise. It's a different shade than the stone but it matches the crystal. If you have questions please let me know.

03 Dolphin Charm on Turquoise Magnesite Pendant with Crystal

If you are a Dolphin fan and like unusual jewelry this is the piece for you, an original you will find nowhere else. The gemstone is a turquoise magnesite cut in a flower shape with the center carved out. A faceted teardrop, of Azure Czech crystal, pivots in the center. A pewter jumping dolphin charm is featured on the gemstone's front. These colors were selected reminiscent of the ocean colors off the Key West, Florida coastline.

You custom design the pendant from the menu below. Your pendant is made just for you after you order with your specifications. This means you are getting a custom piece, so please use care when making your selections. The stone circumference is approximately 33mm or 1 3/8 inch (not including bail). You have a choice of silver plated metals on a ball-bar chain, rubber rope or velvet rope. Use selection buttons to see samples. Pendant on left is shown with turquoise rope but the color choice is yours. Rope default color is black unless you specify desired color.

Select chain size and type.
- 24" or 30" nickel plated steel ball-bar chain has a lobster claw fastener
- 18 " or 20" rope (synthetic rubber) or velvet flocked rope has a quality lobster claw fastener

Is this a gift? Make it special by adding a pre-wrapped foil gift box with ribbon and velveteen lining.

Boutique Price $35.00
Dolphin Charm Necklace Price $20.99 - Qty:

Rope order only (alternate colors):

Add Gift Box: ----->
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Facts about Dolphins

• The normal "cruising speed" of a dolphin is about 23 to 25 mph and they can jump 16 ft high or more. The dolphin is capable of diving for up to 20 minutes at 300 meters.

• Mating normally occurs during the spring months. The male and female court prior to mating. A female dolphin is pregnant for 11-12 months. The calf is delivered tail first, and is capable of swimming and breathing within the first minutes. The calf may nurse for as long as 12 to 18 months after birth.

• Dolphins are extremely and almost constantly vocal. They are capable of two kinds of sounds. Clicks are used as a form of sonar, in which echoes of sounds from surrounding objects enable the animals to detect it. Dolphins use whistles to communicate a particular emotional state to influence the behavior of other dolphins.

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