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  Custom Photo Lion Jewelry - Brooch / Pin
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Lion and Lioness Brooch
african lion photo jewelry  brooch
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Designer's Tip: This is a smaller brooch than the other Lion brooches listed in the store, but may still be too large for younger lion lovers. This looks great strung on my black or brown velvet cord necklace using the vertical brooch converter. If you have question please drop me a note: designer@tigercatjewelrystore.com
03 Small Gemstone & Crystal Lion Brooch

This Lion photo jewelry brooch features the photo of a regal African lion or Lioness.

I searched hundreds of lion photos to find just the right ones for this brooch. Jean from Shelbyville, KY took the very cute lioness photo at the San Francisco Zoo. The Lion photo is from the Warsaw Zoo and was taken by Leszek Leszczynski 

The African lion or lioness picture is treated so that it becomes a part of the mountain jade gemstone beneath. You design your brooch from the menus below and it is made just for you after you order.

The cabochon is encircled with a cast gold plated filigree frame. Dangling below are jade beads with amber, peridot and gold Czech crystals, accents in golden metals and a antiqued Bali bead.

The cast brass frame is gold plated. A 3/4 inch wide, stainless pin back, positioned vertically, makes attachment easy. Measures aprx. 1 1/2" X 2 1/2".

Wear this brooch as a pendant using a gold plated vertical brooch converter.

Coordinating earring styles below make a perfect Lion gifts set for the lion collectibles enthusiast when you add a gift box.

You may further customize this brooch with your own favorite photo. Pick the "with my photo " option when ordering.

read using your photo.
Boutique Price $39.00
Lion and Lioness Brooch-Gold - Price: $28.99 - Qty:


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Facts about Lions
• Lions often spend up to 20 hours per day resting. They gather to sleep in a group, rub their heads together, and play. They rest for energy conservation and to avoid the heat of the day. • Female lions in a pride are the hunters and work together by spreading out around potential prey to attack from many directions. Lions generally, hunt by stalking, since they are not built for endurance running. They usually give up a chase after 50 -110 yards. Most lion hunts fail. Of 62 lion stalks observed in one study, only 10 were successful!

• Lions are unique among the cats, because they live in social groups called prides. A lion pride can have 20 or more individuals, typically two males, several females and their offspring. The pride’s adult females are usually related to one another and are group members for life. Males remain with a pride only as long as they are strong enough to defend their group from other male pairs. A male pair normally remains with a pride for 3-6 years before other males force them away.

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