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Custom Photo Lion Jewelry - dogtag necklaces
lion and lioness dogtag necklace
tiger dog tags
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Designer's Tip: Brass and copper dog tags are like all brass and copper products. With time, handling and body oil they may start to look dull. It's easy to make them glow again by just buffing them. (I rub the back on the knee of my jeans.) Warm water and soap will also do the trick. Stainless are just that, no tarnish or extra care needed. If you attend Missouri Southern State University and want "The Pride" written on your tag let me know. designer@tigercatjewelrystore.com
01 Lioness & Lion poster dog tag necklace

The royals of the cat family are featured on these unique dog tag mini art posters of a African Lion and Lioness. I wanted the essence of the lion to be represented and searched many lion photos to find just the right ones. I want to thank the photographers from around the world who took these photos.

The Roaring Lion photo is by Nicolas Raymond. The photo used as a background is by Martin Mecnarowski photographed in South Africa.

Savanna Lioness Photo for dog tag and background was taken by Vera Kratochvil.

This tag has your choice of a lion or lioness photo and three choices of dog tag colors. Front is treated with resin for a shiny beveled look. The tags are not pulled from a shelf but made just for you when you order. The process for making these is time consuming (dependent on the weather) and a bit tricky. Please don't order as a last minute gift as it will take a few days to completely cure between making it and shipping it.

One standard size military dog tag measures 2" X 1 ", and is strung on a 24" long ball chain of nickel, brass or copper (30" chain available for stainless and brass only) with snap fastener. Choose tags of shiny brass that give a gold appearance or stainless steel that gives a silver appearance or hard to find copper. Necklace comes with one tag.

This is an excellent jewelry selection for guys or gals who love T-shirts and jeans but dog tags can also be used as:
- custom lanyards
- kids jewelry
- zipper pulls
- key rings
- back packs

Click here to find out how to customize this dog tag with your own favorite picture.

Boutique Price $25.00

Lion Dog Tag Price: $16.99 Qty:


Chain: (Copper only available in 24 inch)

Lion Photo:

Gift Box:

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History of Dog Tags

• The concept of “ID tags” dates back to the Civil War (1861-1865) where names were written on paper tags and pinned to clothing. Other tags were made out of wood with carved holes at the end so they could be worn around the neck on a string.

• The first metal discs took place in 1906 and by 1913 the Army made ID tags mandatory. In 1916 a second tag was added, and by 1917 all combat troops had aluminum id tags hanging from their necks on either a rope or chain. Tags were hand stamped with tool and die.

• The more familiar rounded-end rectangular stainless steel tags known as the M1940 were introduced by the Army in 1940 during the Second World War (1939-1945). By 1959 all branches of the U.S. armed forces were using the familiar stainless steel rectangular shaped dog tags which are still being used today.

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