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Custom Photo Lion Jewelry - earrings

Lion Earrings
lion and lioness dangle earrings
You may have SOCIAL MEDIA friends looking for lion earrings. Would you please share this with them?
Designer's tip: These stones have more of a stained glass effect beneath the photo than is shown above. For a more solid background order one of our Mountain Jade earrings. If buying for a very young girl I would suggest the round shape as it is the smallest. For ears sensitive to metals always order the surgical steel fishhooks.

01 African Lion and/or Lioness Snow Quartz Earrings

The African lion and lioness are featured on gemstone earrings with Snow quartz as the background. I searched through hundreds of photos to find a very handsome king and queen. I want to thank the photographers who willigng shared these pictures with me( and now YOU). My thanks to Martin Mecnarowski for the Lion photograph; S. Taheri who photographed the Lioness in 2006 while visiting a Zoo; and the background photo of the Lion couple which was taken in S. Africa by Dave Paff.

These stones are like delicate, petite spheres of frozen ice with swirls ranging from opaque to translucent. Like all cut gemstones no two are exactly the same. You can use the menu options below to create a one of a kind earring set just for you. This is not your average lion photo jewelry. The lion picture you choose is transferred onto the snow quartz gemstone bead, being flipped to make a right and left and is on both front and back. You may order a mixed set with a lion and lioness, just the lion or just the lioness.

The gem stones very in size but average 15mm across (about the size of a dime). Photo will be aprx. 5/8" around.

In the picture to your left, starting at the top left shapes are as follows: Round, Oval, Tear-drop, Diamond. Click here for heart shaped earrings.

Available in three attachment styles and three colors starting at upper left: surgical steel Fishhooks (silver or gold coil), leverback for pierced, leverback for clip, copper fishhook. earring backs

Metals are gold or silver plated brass, surgical steel and copper. Mix with coordinating lion pendants and brooches to make a lovely gift set. Add a pre-wrapped foil gift box with ribbon and velveteen lining to make it special.

Click here to find out how to customize these earrings with your own favorite picture.

Boutique Price $25.00

gift box for lion earrings
Lion Quartz Earrings Price: $16.99 Qty:


Metal Color: Stone Shape:


Add Gift Box:

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Facts about Lions

•African Lion males measure from 5-8 feet in length with the tail adding up to an extra 3 feet. They stand approximately 4 feet tall at the shoulder, weighing between 330 -550 pounds.

• Female African lions are 4-6 feet in length, with a equally long tail. Females are shorter than males, 3.5 feet tall at the shoulder. Females weigh between 264 - 400 pounds.

• A male lion's roar can be heard up to 5 miles away.

• Both male and female lions are naturally camouflaged among the light-colored savanna grasses with their tan color. Males have a mane that ranges in color from light to dark brown, to even black. The mane helps protect the male’s neck during fighting and make him appear larger to competitors.

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