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Custom Photo Lion Jewelry - Pendant / Necklace

Lion Face PendantGold Mesh Lion
Please share with your SOCIAL media friends that might like an unusual lion piece. . . this may be just what they're looking for!
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lion jewelry in gift box

05 Lion Face Pendant on Tigerskin Jasper

I'm excited to tell you about this new lion and lioness pendant because it's one of the most unique things I've ever designed. I searched hundrdeds of pictures to find 2 lions and 2 lionesses that would be right for this piece.

Thanks to Martin Mecnarowski for the Posing Lion photograph and to Eric Kilby for the Roaring Lion in the Franklin Park zoo, Boston

The posing lioness was taken in a zoo by S.Taheri and the roaring lioness was taken by G.Stolz from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife.

The pendant is a combination of two gemstones. The frame is diamond shaped tigerskin jasper (1 1/2" X 1 1/2") with the center cut out. Tiger jasper can look like wood but is actually stone. Inside the jasper is a flat round snow quartz bead that swivels from one side to the other. The stones hang from an ornate, gold plated filagree bar, with dangleing Magnesite stones and Amber crystals both in teardrop shapes.

One side has a photo of a lion or lioness posing and the other side a lion or lioness roaring. Run your mouse cursor over the name buttons to see other version.

Like all gemstones no two tiger jasper stones are exactly the same, yours will vary from the one in the photo.

The necklace chain options are a steel mesh chain, which is hollow and plated in gold. The tips are coiled wire with a lobster claw fastens. Your other choice is a double thick faux suede cord in black or brown. Both measure aprx. 18 inches. You custom design your pendant by using the menus below.

See coordinating earring styles below to make a perfect Lion gift set, then present it in a foil covered gift box with ribbon and a velveteen lining.

Boutique Price $37.00

Lion Swivel Pendent

18"Chain/Rope: Lion Photo:

Add Gift Box:
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Facts about Lions

• Male lions are the only members of the cat family to have a mane.
• Lions are the only felines with tufts at the ends of their tails.
• Using their keen sense of smell, lions can tell if prey is nearby and even how long ago it was in the area.
• A captive lion eats about 15 pounds of meat each day, but a wild lion usually eats only twice a week.
• Lions can copulate up to 100 times in a 24 hr. period!
• The lion is the zodiac sign for August or LEO (July 23- August 21).

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