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  "Personalized Photo Jewelry and Memorials"
Unique personalized keepsake gifts

Tiger Cat Jewelry Store
YOUR Favorite picture featured in pet memorial jewelry, photo pendants and crystal bead jewelry.
In addition to our animal and nature theme jewelry, Tiger Cat Jewelry store has an extensive line of customizable jewelry items and a wide variety of custom gifts available to show off your best friend, little darling or the pet of someone you love. This page is a guide to help you decide which picture you want to use for your item and maybe help you visualize it better, or click now for your own custom pet jewelry.
The Concept

The concept for my photo animal lover jewelry was inspired from victorian jewelry. During this era sentimental love tokens, unique personalized keepsake gifts, and souvenirs were all the rage. Lockets were much-loved accessories during the Victorian era and were made of every type of material. They often held painted miniatures and (in later years) small photographs, as well as locks of hair.

Brooches were extremely popular and were worn in a variety of ways by the Victorian woman. They were worn on the shoulder, at the neck, waist, in the hair, and on ribbons as necklaces and bracelets and often in clusters. Materials used in addition to silver, gold, and base metals, included Pique, Tortoiseshell, Mother-of-Pearl, and carved mud to form "Lava" cameos.

Today Tiger Cat Jewelry Store offers a variety of the modern version of these pieces the Victorians treasured, but with a clarity the vintage ones could never have, since a real photograph is used to make them. Animal and nature theme jewelry is available, along with personalized photo jewelry of your favorite person or pet , a perfect gift for animal lover collectors or enthusiasts.

How Photo Jewelry is Made

Photo jewelry is a growing trend but many photo jewelry items use an original tiny photo stuck beneath a piece of plastic. Photos in the Tiger Cat Jewelry collection are not just stuck onto a stone, they actually become a part of the stone. Each piece is made by hand when ordered and that means your piece may vary slightly from the sample shown on the web site. This guarantees you a unique personalized photo jewelry piece and I do sometimes allow buyers special requests and slight design alterations. Ask me about inscriptions for the back to turn it from a piece of photo jewelry into a pesonalized photo jewelry memento.

Animals are dearly loved by our culture. Everyone from celebrities to the little ole' lady on the corner make a "big deal" over their four (sometimes two) legged darlings. Animals even have their own cable channel.

With this in mind I thought animal lovers the world over, could enjoy the beauty of these creatures on jewelry and gifts. Computer photo imaging is used to take real photos, remove the background and generate transparencies. These images are applied to cabochon photo setting which are faux painted to look like mother-of-pearl for gold settings or ivory for silver settings. Each is glazed multiple times sealing the photo transparency. These are not decoupage pictures. The picture becomes part of the stone and has a opal Diachroic sheen from the stone beneath it glowing through the transparent picture in refracted light.

Crystal bead jewelry brooches are made by mounting the finished cabochon photo settings on beautiful filigree, surrounded by beads, metal charms, crystals, pearls and gemstones which are known for their powers. Read more about gemstones.

Photo pendants are made from photo stones placed inside attractive frames in a variety of design styles and finishes that range from traditional to Victorian tastes. All come with matching necklace chains in varying lengths, colors and styles.

All Cabochon Photo Settings are domed. The large oval measures 40mmX30mm, medium oval meausers 22mm X 30mm the circle is 38mm. The pin backs are are silver plated and usually measure 1 1/4" wide. The gemstones are authentic when named, all pearls are glass and all metals are plated as stated. The pendant setting and necklace chain are gold or silver plated brass. The necklace cable chains are 18" or 24 " (unless otherwise stated) and have a lobster claw fastener for safety and comfort. Ball or bead chains are 24" - 30" with either snap or circle spring fastener and plated in gold or silver. Earwires, posts and backs are of surgical steel.

Customized from Your Own Photo

If you are a animal lover, like me, you have a very special place in your heart for your own pets . . . past and present. Taking this into consideration I thought it would be wonderful to offer other animal lovers the opportunity to honor their pets, or provide unique personalized keepsake gifts to other pet owners.

The process starts when you select the piece you wish to order. You are given two choices; send a digital photo through email, or an original paper photo through the postal system(snail mail) which will be turned into a digital photo. Your original photo will be returned with your order. There is a small fee of $2 to digitize your paper photo.

You will have answered some brief questions about your animal just after your order is placed. I take the digitized photo (or digitize it, if on paper) correct or enhance it if necessary, remove the background and miniaturize it. It is then printed on a special transparent film and applied to the domed photo setting cabochon. A two day glazing and curing process takes place. Then the final piece is assembled to meet the style specifications selected by you at time of order.

NOTE: If the picture you send is under 200 dpi resolution or has been greatly altered from it's original form - good results cannot be guaranteed. Be aware not all photos that look good on a computer screen look good in print.
We Do People Too

Maybe you'd like a cameo of your great-great grandmother, the grand kids, the bride and groom, a new baby or that special someone in your life. I can make a pendant or brooch for you of any photo that isn't copyrighted. Maybe you've sketched or painted a picture that you'd like miniaturized. Email me and we'll see what we can come up with. helen@tigercatjewelrystore.com



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