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Custom Photo Tiger Jewelry - earrings

Earrings with Tiger Sketch04 Tiger Sketch on Quartz Earrings
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Designer's tip: These ovals are a great choice for ladies who like traditional jewelry, but they may be too grown up for young girls. For them I would recommend the small round snow quartz earring. (The earrings shown here are not appropriate for guys in my opinion.) . For pierced ears sensitive to metals the fishhooks are surgical steel. If you like this style and do not have pierced ears order leaverback clip-on. Email with questions. designer@tigercatjewelrystore.com

04 Tiger Sketch on Quartz Earrings

Tiger sketches are transferred onto a snow quartz gemstone bead in an oval shape. The translucent Tiger pictures become part of the stone. Earrings are custom made for you when you order never stored on a shelf.

If you have never seen snow quartz these stones are like delicate, petite, spheres of frozen ice with swirls ranging from opaque to translucent. Like all cut gemstones no two are exactly the same. By using the menu options below you create a one of a kind earring set for yourself. This is not your average photo or tiger jewelry. They have the look of scrimshaw. The images are flipped to make a right and left.

The tiger sketch is actually from a painting by Italian artist Natale di Genova. My special thanks to her for allowing the public (me) to use her work.

The gemstones for your tiger earrings very in size but average 15mm across (about the size of a dime). Photo will be aprx. 5/8" around.

Pierced or clip-on leaverback clips (on right in photo) are silver or gold plated. Surgical steel Fishhooks (silver or gold coil on the left side of the photo) assure that metal sensitive pierced ears have no problems. Use color selection buttons to see gold plated coil.

Mix with coordinating Tiger pendants to make a lovely gift set. Add a pre-wrapped foil gift box with ribbon and velveteen lining to make it special.

Click here to find out how to personalize these earrings with your own favorite picture.

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Tiger Sketch Earrings Price: $16.99 Qty:

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Facts about Tigers

• The white tiger is not a species of tiger or an albino. A genetic defect causes the tiger to be white and they are a mutant form of the orange tiger. The white tiger has blue eyes and a pink colored nose with chocolate brown stripes.

• The Sumatran Tiger is darker in color than other tigers and more heavily striped. They have a more bearded and maned appearance, especially the males. It is the smallest of the remaining subspecies of tigers. There are as few as 400 Sumatran Tigers still in the wild and numbers are rapidly diminishing.

• This endangered tiger is found only on the island of Sumatra. It is a solitary creature hunting mostly at night, often near the river's edge. It is an excellent swimmer and on a hot day will often be seen standing or lying in water to keep cool.

• Sumatran Tigers grow to around 8 foot long and up to 300 pounds. Females are slightly smaller, around a foot shorter and 100 pounds less.

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