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Tiger Photo Key ChainTiger and White Tiger Gemstone Key Ring
Let your SOCIAL MEDIA friends who have keys and love Tigers know about this!
Designer's Tip: This is a marble gemstone. It can be removed from the key ring and turned into a beautiful pendant worn on a black or brown velvet cord necklace rope for a dressy look or a dog tag chain for a casual look. The perfect gift for a man who loves tigers or roots for a team named after them. Ask me about adding a text message on the back for free when you order . designer@tigercatjewelrystore.com

03 Tiger and White Tiger Gemstone Key Ring

I know Tigers are suppose to look fierce but I just couldn't resist putting photos of these big cats looking cute on the tiger photo key rings. to find these Paw licking tigers and tiger buddies i searched hundred of tiger photos.

I want to thank the photographers who have allowed their work to be used. The orange tiger is a photo by Bernard Landgraf on WikiCommons, the white tiger from the Singapore Zoo was taken by Petrofsky. The tiger buddies at the Miami Zoo are by Michele Eve Sandberg.

A faceted marble gemstone is a great background for your choice of a Tiger and White Tiger photo. A gold or nickel plated steel, heart shaped key ring is attached to hold your keys. This is a very unusual gift for the Tiger lover.

The Marble gemstone is white and has 8 flat facets on each side. When the photo is overlade onto the marble facets it becomes a very unique looking stone with the photo becoming a part of it. Gemstones are made by nature and no two are exactly the same. When you order this Tiger photo key ring it is made for you and never taken from a shelf. It is considered a custom piece just for you and you may add a few words of text to the back.

The gemstone on your photo key ring is 1 1/4 inch wide (32mm). Your Tiger photo is digitized and transferred to the gemstone. A special glaze is applied over the picture to help protect if from the wear and tear a key ring usually sustains. The heart shaped split ring makes it easy to add and remove keys. You choose a gold plated brass or nickel for a silver look.

Would you like your own favorite photo on this key chain? Click here to find out how.

Is this a gift? Why not add a pre-wrapped foil gift box with ribbon and velveteen lining. Chains and rope available here.

Boutique Price $26.00

Tiger KeyRing Price: $17.99 Qty:




Gift Box:

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Siberian tiger information and facts

• Siberian or Amur Tigers inhabit the forests of eastern Asia, northern China, Korea and Manchuria. Siberian Tigers are found mostly in harsh and cold land, covered with snow for most of the year.

• The Siberian tiger is the largest living cat in the world, and needs to eat about 20 pounds of meat a day to stay alive in the cold climates. It can consume up to 200 pounds of meat a day.

• The coat of the Siberian tiger is paler in color than tigers from warmer climates. The winter coat doesn't have the red stripes which helps to camouflage the tiger in the snow. It also grows a longer and thicker coat than other tigers to help it survive the cold weather.

• Siberian tigers can be 9 to 12 feet long (from head to the tip of their tail) and are about 3 1/2 feet tall. Female tigers are smaller than the male tigers, and they can weigh between 400 to 650 pounds.

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